The 484 South Band


The 484 South Band was formed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005 and is comprised of musicians born in Mississippi & Louisiana, who were raised on the diverse music that makes the South so unique. These boys write songs of truth and real life experiences tied in with crunching guitars and heartfelt vocals in true and original Southern rock style.

Their line-up consists of Jim Oakes (Vocals), Keith Schultz (Guitar), Twain Pigott (Guitar), Brady Bagwell (Vocals / Guitar), David Johnson (Drums), Donald Hull (bass). Musically constructed tales of life and living have always been the pulse of Southern rock music and these six guys plan to keep that tradition alive for a while.

The 484 South Band’s debut album, Mississippi Nights, came out in September 2009 and contains not only songs with classic southern rock sound, but also little bit of everything from blues to country to rock. The album was recorded at Route One Recording in Monticello, Mississippi and co-produced by alt country and former Black Dog Records co-owner Chris Hudson. Be sure to check out our Mississippi Nights review.

2009 was indeed a breakthrough year for this critically acclaimed band. Their debut CD remained on top ten list in for eight months, The 484 South Band played all over Southern states and kept working on their sophomore effort, 21 Miles of Bad Road, which finally came out in 2014.

The 484 South Band Discography:

2009  Mississippi Nights
2014  21 Miles of Bad Road


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