Toy Caldwell


Toy Caldwell was perhaps one of the most underrated guitar players of the 70’s. He wrote and sang “Can’t You See”, among other The Marshall Tucker Band classics and contributed a great deal to creation of Marshall Tucker sound with his famous thumb pickin’ guitar playing style. During the Marshall Tucker Bands induction to South Carolina Hall of Fame in 1995, lead vocalist Doug Gray even called Toy Caldwell ‘the backbone of The Marshall Tucker Band’.

Toy Caldwell started his music career in the 60’s with The Rants. During that time, his brother Tommy Caldwell was also playing with other local musicians and had a band New Generation. Between 1966 and 1969 Toy served with Marine Corps and was wounded in Vietnam. After his return from ‘Nam, The Rants and New Generation merged into The Marshall Tucker Band.

Between 1973 and 1978, The Marshall Tucker Band released seven gold- and platinum albums. They created timeless classics like Fire On The Mountain, Take the Highway and shared stages with legends like The Allman Brothers Band and Wet Willie.

After the original Marshall Tucker Band disbanded in 1983, Toy Caldwell formed his owned band named the Toy Caldwell Band, kept touring and eventually released one solo album in 1992, named Son of the South. Charlie Daniel‘s Blue Hat Record label issued a re-release of the album in 2000.

Toy Caldwell passed away in his sleep February 25, 1993 for apparent heart failure. He was survived by wife, Abbie Caldwell and their two children, Cassidy and Geneal

Toy Caldwell, Jr.   November 13, 1947 – February 25, 1993