Duane Roland


Duane Roland made his name in Molly Hatchet, one of the biggest bands in late 70’s. Duane was a talented guitarist and co-wrote many of their hit songs. He later went on to join Southern Rock Allstars and Gator Country…

Roland was born in Jeffersonville, Indiana but spend his childhood in Florida. Coming from musical family, Duane’s first choice of instrument was drums, but he soon picked up guitar and paid his dues in different local bands before joining Molly Hatchet in 1975.

Molly Hatchet became one of the most successful southern rock bands in late 70’s and early 80’s. During eighties Molly Hatchet went through more than a few personal changes and Duane became the only original member, who played on all albums prior their 90´s comeback.

Duane retired from the music scene in early nineties, but his passion for playing lived on and Roland returned to music scene in 2003 with Southern Rock Allstars, which his old buddies Dave Hlubek and Jakson Spires from Blackfoot had put together earlier.

Late 2004, Duane Roland, along with old Molly Hatchet members Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, Jimmy Farrar, Riff West and Bruce Crump joined forces as Gator Country to bring the old magic back into southern rock scene.

Duane Roland was found dead at is home in June 19th 2006. His death was filed under natural causes. Duane was 53 at the time of his death.

Duane Roland   December 3rd 1952 – June 19th 2006