The Whiskey River Band – It’s About Time


The second album by The Whiskey River Band is called It’s About Time, an effort that is a fine example of the southern rock genre with dueling guitars and gut bucket rock n´ roll that this band delivers. Most bands that call themselves southern rock today are not, maybe a few songs, but not for the most part Southern rock, but The Whiskery River Band swims deep in that tradition.

The traditions of blues, rock n´ roll and country in the south is so strong, it permeates the influences of the artist coming out of that region. In the south you can drive down the road on a Sunday morning and hear the gospel choir singing. Or you could be in the bowls of some sweaty juke joint on the wrong side of town with the neon beer lights, flashing live music and beer on a Friday or Saturday night.

Whiskey River played that club a thousand times and honed their sound into a tight fabric of easy flowing southern rock that travels the by ways and highways of the well traveled road of those before them. You are never going to hear the over processed music that comes out of the factories of the music industry today on a Whiskey River Band CD.

It´s just the heart of rock n´roll with the fire of southern rock bubbling into the fabric with the scorching leads and soul of passion dripping into your mind with each spin of this disc. The driving piano with its Jerry Lee Lewis feel in Can´t Wait to Get Back Home as well as its mix of Lynyrd Skynyrd guitars is the perfect track for all Southern Rock fans today. Reaching the pinnacle of the genre by mixing the old rock n´roll of Jerry Lee Lewis with the sounds of southern rock.

It’s About Time is gritty, it ain´t pretty, it´s rockin´, it´s southern, and hang on Molly Hatchet, Wet Willie, Marshall Tucker Band and the Outlaws fans, here is some more apples for your pie. Drink from the Whiskey River and be satisfied.

Review by Vernon Tart