Swampdawamp – Rock This Country


North Carolina’s SwampDaWamp is unabashedly one of THE best modern Southern rock bands out there. This six piece powerhouse just drips the sound we Southern rock aficionados crave on their new album, ROCK THIS COUNTRY. I’ve reviewed bands in the past that are from the South but not necessarily Southern rock. Trust me, boys and girls, this band delivers.

The first thing that stood out was lead singer, founder and front-man, Gig Michaels. From the first song to the last, this guy just seems larger than life. I would just love to see this big guy on stage. If he dominates the stage like he dominates this album, I’m sure I would be in for one hell of a show! But, let’s not forget the other incredibly talented musicians surrounding him. The guitar work of Michael Hough and Keith Inman is phenomenal. Add that to Mike Huffman on keys, Cody Bennett on bass, and David Lee on Drums, you have one solid Southern rock crew!

The album kicks off with a couple of rockers, “Lady“, and “Helluva Night“. Both about a Southern man’s favorite pastime. Slowin’ it down a notch, “Double or Nuthin’” grooves on a whiskey soaked-type vocal and bluesy guitar lead. The hook guitar riff and rhythm of “Good God” makes it hard not to tap your feets around.

My two favorite tracks are “American Man” and “Rock This Country“. With these two songs, its easy to see these boys are proud American rockers and stand for what the founding fathers created. Just try to take that shotgun out of the back of Gig’s pickup truck! Another kickin’ rocker is “Welcome to the Inn“. Sounds like a place I’d love to check-in. On the song, “Daddy Said“, Huffman’s piano takes on a life of its own. The final song on the album, “Stoned“, is a perfect sing-a-long for any bar at the end of the night. I was singing it just the other night but that’s another story….

SwampDaWamp was one of the many bands that performed on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man Cruise 2010. After listening to this album, I can see why; Lynyrd Skynyrd was in the company of one of the best modern day Southern rock bands. Period.

Reviewed by Keith Stefanec