Dallas Moore – Can’t Tame a Wildcat


Driving 18 wheelers during the week and Harley Davidson’s on the weekend, fans of Dallas Moore identify with his proud redneck, hell raising white trash country outlaw music. Hailing down a long line of rockers who basically said we don’t care if you like us or not, we are more than happy to play what we damn well please. Happy to eat grits and collard greens, drink Jack Daniels and listening to Hank Jr., Waylon and Lynyrd Skynyrd while hanging around a fire at night with friends just having fun.

With a feeling of Southern reality seeping through the songs through the tight rich musical arrangements that are a melting together of rock, southern rock, country and blues, Dallas Moore may not have the sweet country voice of Nashville singers but he’s got the grits to deliver rock and roll and good times instead of a slick, corporate sound that emanates from the studios of Nashville. I’ll take passion, fire and roots over corporate country any day and that is what the Dallas Moore Band delivers: solid roots music, fun and honest, real music with feelings of passion and pain, music that is as real as life itself with a laid back easy to take sounds, which blends fine playing with honest songs that are easy to identify with.

Backyard BBQ’s needs Can’t Tame a Wildcat playing on the background just to set the atmosphere right from the very beginning. This is American music, fun, relevant, emotional, angry, happy, sad, and good times. Pull yourself away from the corporate sound and listen to the real sound of American artist who’ll play at dive bars, backyard BBQ’s, and local charity events. That is where you will find Dallas Moore Band.

Truckers, Harley riders and Dallas Moore are just Wildcat’s that Can’t be Tamed.

Review by Vernon Tart