Chainbreak3r – Chainbreak3r


From the first time I heard Chainbreak3r, I knew I wasn’t listening to an average Southern rock band.  This was a band on a mission, literally.  Vocalist and guitarist, Jay Harris, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age 18.  He was told by doctors that he would soon lose the ability to play guitar, be confined to a wheelchair, and dead within 10 years.  After a visit to a Christian rock concert, Jay accepted Christ and “the laying on of hands” for healing.  Well, that 10 year death sentence was 20 years ago and Jay is still rocking out strong!  Sharing the stage with Jeff Robinson on bass, and John Compala on drums, this born again trio has combined the Christian message with Southern rock riffs.

Listening through their latest self-titled album, Chainbreak3r, I couldn’t help but make the comparison of Jay’s vocals to the late Allen Collins Band vocalist, Jimmy Dougherty.  Jay’s smooth style and phrasing is the perfect match for the mighty message contained in each biblically inspired lyric.  The second thing that stands out on this CD is the amazing low end on each track that can only be described as the thunder of the Almighty, commanding you to listen to each and every word.  Jeff’s bass and John’s drum work is truly inspired from deep in their souls.

Some of the standout tracks are “Walking in Glory”, “I Need You Now”, “Deliverance”, and “Narrow Road”.  Many of these songs describe the pain and problems of life that we all experience but offer the solution.  All we have to do is choose the right path to glory.  Jay’s lead riffs throughout, are the most inspiring, considering he should not be here.  The Creator had different plans for Jay.  He said “Go forth, and sing the Word.”  On the eighth day, he created Chainbreak3r.  And it was good.

Review by Keith Stefanec