The 484 South Band – Mississippi Nights


In the sweltering heat of the Mississippi delta many fine artist has played in the juke joints that dotted the landscape in years past and those roots grow deep in the heart of The 484 South band. From the beginning, with the scratchy record sounds and the preacher-esque vocal in the intro one is reminded of the roots of this band. Straight forward and the devil be damned, Highway 484 delivers solid, no flash southern rock and country flavored rock and roll.

This is not formula radio music that is delivered in the same package artist after artist. No, this is where the blood flows from the murdered blues players, from the long gone country honky-tonkers and the long haired southern rockers of the early 1970´s into the 484 South band members.

This is grits with eggs and butter with salt and pepper that is the flavor of 484 South Band. Like sitting back on the front porch picking with friends, drinking a bit of moonshine and playing everything from Robert Johnson to Hank Williams to Jimi Hendrix and a bit of what ever they can throw in between.

Keith Schultz (Guitar/Vocals), Twain Pigott (Guitar), Brady Bagwell (Vocals / Guitar), Jim Oakes, (Vocals), David Johnson (Drums), Donald Hull (bass) AKA The 484 South Band delivers music that is unique in scope, from southern rock of Mississippi, to the pure pop of Counted. Then suddenly take a left turn into country rock, pushing the edge of definition to its very limit with Baton Rouge and Crystal Springs, both which tracks reminds me of Tony Joe White of Polk Salad Annie fame.

One cannot define 484 South as simply a southern rock – or a country rock band as they bring much more to the plate than just these two styles of music. They are not afraid to stretch the boundaries of definition and delivery a myriad of styles and sentiments though out the disc. This is real music from the heart of Mississippi that brings it all together to deliver a full and complete album.